I suppose if you want to live in a city such as Portland, Seattle, Chicago or New York, then Joe Biden is your man. That guy flip flops more than a pair of cheap shower shoes. When he is in a liberal state he is against fracking. When he is in a state, such as Pennsylvania, where thousands of jobs are in the fracking industry, he is against banning it. He’s no moderate.

The man is nothing more than a sock puppet for the far-left branch of the party.

If you are too blind to see that, then perhaps you should sit this election out. I know the people of Johnstown are smarter than that. The election on Nov. 3 and is not a popularity contest about whether you like or dislike President Donald Trump’s style. Rather, it is about this country being dragged down a path of socialism where misery and despair are inevitable.

If you like San Francisco politics, then maybe Biden and Harris are for you. If, on the other hand, you want more jobs, a growing economy and wage growth like we had prior to the pandemic, then your decision on Nov. 3 should be obvious.

What you are seeing now is not the same Democratic Party of your fathers and grandfathers. It’s more reminiscent of the Democratic Party of the Jim Crow and KKK era. Marxist/fascist groups such as ANTIFA and BLM have replaced the KKK.

Larry Kovalchik

Boerne, Texas, formerly of Johnstown

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