As today is Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks to Mike from Dale. 

My story begins as I was driving to buy a turkey and I heard a thump, thump from the rear of my car. The thump followed me to the lot where I parked to investigate.

As I exited my car, the gentleman parked alongside me said, “Lady, you have a flat tire. If you have a spare, I’ll change it.” 

His wife was with him and agreed I should allow him to do it. This was a great relief for me as it’s been some years since I changed a tire.

He got the tools and tire out of my car and proceeded to efficiently do just that. He said his name was Mike and he moved his family here 2 ears ago from New Jersey. He recently moved his mother here, also. 

He didn’t have any business cards, but I believe he works as a mechanic or for a garage in the area.

I would like to thank Mike from Dale for his kindness. If you know Mike, tell him thanks, also for being an outstanding member of our community. He is a trustworthy, helpful and caring gentleman. 

Thanksgiving blessings, Mike, to you and your family. God bless you.

Linda Goodwin


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