If a dozen people across the nation get sick on tainted lettuce, there will be no hesitation to recall millions of pounds and millions of dollars worth of perfectly good lettuce along with the few heads of bad. The whole lot might be chucked in the trash.

And, yet when an election of our president is tainted by hundreds of thousands of alleged voting irregularities (Trump advocate John Lott’s data for example), we are suddenly gun shy?

There is allegedly some tainted lettuce in the six or so swing states that led Donald Trump to lose. Any questionable votes must be chucked on the trash heap. The best would be a repeat of the whole election in those states, on paper. Auditable. You would think the votes already cast would be auditable – but once they came out of envelopes, etc., there is no chance to audit fairly.

This is no joke. If there is not 100% faith in free and fair elections then we as an enlightened, advanced society are done.

Please support rejection and investigation of this election for the sake of all future elections.

Betty Amigh


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