This letter is for the person who stopped their car on Somerset Street late one night in September and tossed out a gray kitten and an orange kitten to fend for themselves.

They roamed the streets for two days until, like so many other cats and kittens, they found their way to my back porch, where they were given food and water and a padded box to sleep in. 

Every morning, I would find them huddled together in the box. The sound of the door opening would send them diving for cover under my car until the bowls were out and I was a safe distance away. 

This scenario played out the same way for months until it turned cooler at night. 

I had to trap these two kittens just to bring them inside to a warm house. 

When I released them the next day, they hid for two days before finally coming out of hiding. The animal shelter wouldn’t take any more cats and the city has no animal control officer to deal with cats. 

This same story is being played out all over Johnstown. 

 I’m sure you couldn’t care less about these two you dumped, but they both have thrived and have become wonderful, loving family pets. At least this is one story with a better ending than most.

I guess you didn’t know how much love you threw out of your car that night. But, please, don’t dump any more cats. I don’t need any more. 

D.A. Cassata


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