During this crisis, we have seen people rise to the occasion, neighbor helping neighbor, medical professionals, public service, truckers of America, many more, doing things to help others, and we all have seen the worst.

Recently, my neighborhood saw the worst – to many this won’t matter at all.

A small stray roaming our neigborhood, a frequent dumping site for cats, was hit and killed by a speeder on Barron Avenue.

This isn’t the first time. The 25 mph limit is not enforced.

Several dogs and other cats have been hit, and there have been several near misses with people. The city has been informed, with no response over the years. Often, the windows shake at night from speeders.

My grandson broke away from his mom and ran out, barely escaping. What is the answer? What do you get for your tax dollars? Many would say it’s just a stray cat, who cares? They are strays because of humans – no fault of their own. This kitty died horribly.

Personally, I’d like answers from my city and solutions when this awful crisis is over. My gram would say better safe than sorry. What if it was a child?

Frequently, in summer, we have children coming at night from the skate park? We all are at a real standstill now, but we can plan for the future and make things better. Life is precious – all life. If anything, we have learned this through this crisis.

Bless my city.

Lindy Yutzy


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