Laurel Highlands Historical Village is trying to find the location of the borough once named Rosedale. 

The loop trail that starts in Johnstown passes by the community that sheltered many immigrants. 

We have an idea of its location, but need to define it. Our goal is to place a sign indicating its location and history. 

How many readers remember the story?

On Aug. 30, 1923, there was a shootout in the Rosedale Borough, which resulted in the death of Robert Young, a Black man.

Afterward, the Mayor of Johnstown Joseph Cauffiel wanted every Black who has lived here less than seven years to pack up their belongings and get out. 

He also ordered Blacks, Mexican, Italian and other minorities to stay out of the city.

Rosedale was built by the steel mills and became home for many immigrants. Tensions were high in Johnstown, and across our country. There were many racial riots, across America and Johnstown was no exception. 

In Johnstown, the KKK burned crosses on hilltops around the city. 

Cody McDevitt, author of “Banished from Johnstown,” a book about the Rosedale incident, called what happened “an ethnic cleansing.”

Send any pictures of the Rosedale community to LHHV, 172 Allbaugh Park Road, Johnstown Pa. 15909, of call


Ron Shawley


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