Are you, as myself, being charged for something you don’t need, use or want?

Allow me to explain. I have gas, electricity, water and sewage taps suppling my home, which I need, want and use.

Oh, I didn’t mention phone and cable supplied by one of our providers. I do use, need and want these services provided.

What I don’t need, want or use is the sports programming surcharge attached to my bill monthly. You see, it’s because ever since our heroes – not our soldiers, but proclaimed sports heroes – chose to take a knee protesting against my flag, my national anthem and my country, I don’t watch any sports.

I did dislike, but came to admire, the game of golf and the players in my last week of sports surfing. I notice when they took a knee, it was to line up a long putt, and when they made it, they didn’t do any kind of emotional gestures, just tipped their hats.

In the future, all cable companies should have a sports package available to all consumers who have the want, use and need to watch sports of any kind. 

Myself, I’m satisfied watching the real heroes of my country on the History Channel.

Andrew P. Dobrota Sr.


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