I have a number of letters and a couple columns in my mind about the wildly delusional, disconnected content of Jim Scofield columns during the years.

Scofield’s past two columns discussed how some Republicans are eliminating democracy because of their refusal to accept Joe Biden as our president. The latest column states that some Republicans don’t accept the election result and that “is a real threat to our democratic election system.”

Scofield, where were you in November 2016 and the subsequent couple of years?

As early as Nov. 9, 2016, just days after the election, #notmypresident became the mantra. Members of Congress boycotted the inauguration, and we began a four-year plus odyssey of delegitimizing a national election result.

Scofield, why was 2016-2020 not a threat to our Democratic election system, but today it is? You, the readers ... all of you, let’s get real, know exactly why. Because if one side does it, it is the noblest of the noble endeavors; if the other side matches in-kind, it is high treason and analogous to clubbing baby seals to death.

Scofield, I am happy for you that the Tribune rubber-stamps every column you submit.

Bro, far be it from me to ruin your good story with the facts.

Dennis C. Simmers


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