This letter in reference to the Readers’ Forum letter by Tom McCarey in your July 28 edition. The topic was “Radar is about money, not safety”.

My immediate reaction says that McCarey has never been responsible for citizens’ safety or traffic-law enforcement in his or any community. His statement about money being the only reason for radar, and not safety, makes one wonder about his real concern.

I spent 36 years as an elected official in Ebensburg Borough. I never received one complaint that the speed limit was too low and needed to be raised. He claims that posted speed limits are slower than the safest speeds.

We know that speed laws are more of a challenge to enforce in residential neighborhoods and downtown areas than they are along state routes and limited-access highways. 

Enforcement is difficult, and in some places nearly impossible, with VASCAR or ENRADD, both of which are timing devices. They are antiquated and less accurate than radar, however, they are virtually all that is available to municipal police. 

Forty-nine states allow local police departments to use radar.

Statistics show that Pennsylvania ranks second in the number of highway deaths for speed-related fatalities in the U.S. on non-interstate local highways.

Allowing municipal police the use of this device will decrease our numbers in that column, and result in safer travels for all the Keystone State residents. This is about safety.

Charlie Moyer