Recently, there has been much ado about Second Amendment rights. 

Although some weapons may seem inappropriate for the general public, the Second Amendment is certainly our homeland security. Without it, as in many countries around the world, only the bad guys would have the guns.

In that there are more than 35,000 deaths and 4 million injuries in motor vehicles every year, perhaps they should be outlawed.

I find it disconcerting that many of those who are in favor of killing the innocent unborn are opposed to capital punishment for guilty murderers. Charles Manson spent almost 50 years in prison, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. 

He should have faced the death penalty. These taxpayer dollars could have been used for a much better purpose.

Perhaps the following would act as a deterrent: 

• Five years in prison if you are in possession of an unregistered firearm.

• Ten years in prison if you use a firearm to commit a crime.

• Fifteen years in prison if you discharge the firearm in committing a crime.

• Twenty years in prison if you injure someone with a firearm in committing a crime.

• The death penalty if you intentionally kill someone with a firearm.

It seems to me that criminals often have more rights than the victims under the current system.

Why punish law-abiding gun owners? 

It’s time to get tougher on those who abuse the Second Amendment, using firearms for illegal purposes.

John Skubak


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