“I believe in one God; Father almighty; Creator of all things visible and invisible!” That is the start of the Nicene Creed spoken by most Christians all over the world.

“In God We Trust,” “One Nation Under God” and “God Bless America” slogans are loved by the vast majority of most Americans.

At conception, the Holy Spirit is there and life exists. It is an invisible creation of God, and where in the constitution does the human race have the right to murder a new life in a mother’s womb? No federal judge has the right to legalize the murder of a living creation of God. The Texas law attempts to protect the new human being from being killed by those who do not believe in God. The miracle of conception is an undeniable miracle and only God can create miracles.

Sadly, many “Christians” support the right of a mother to murder her gift from God. To those “Christians,” I ask, “What God do you believe in? What bible do you read?”

It is time to allow laws protecting life to spread all over the world, and instead of saying we are Christians; we should act like Christians. Pray for the most defenseless people on earth; pray for the unborn children of the world.

Father Tony Joseph

Richland Township

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