The recent terrorist attack in New York City, where eight people were murdered by a fundamental Islamic jihadist, was stopped before he could commit further carnage by a brave man wearing blue – a police officer.

This good man and his fellow officers are currently being protested against by brave NFL football players.

The players take a knee while our national anthem is playing to protest what they view as unfair treatment by these police officers. Their actions are failing to establish a methodology or procedure to approach a solution for themselves and others they think are aggrieved.

Taking a knee is similar to their childish celebrations after scoring touchdowns, drawing attention to themselves, showing no humility. This sociological domestic problem is part of the research in Heather MacDonald’s latest book.

Had the players been in New York City, postured fortuitously, they could have hidden behind the brave man in blue who would have protected them.

Real bravery begins inside the man, defending a noble cause; measured by playing games pales in comparison.

To Steelers fans, no worries, their players know how to hide in concealed places, such as the players tunnel at Soldier Field in Chicago – except one who actually served his country with a life experience of real-man bravery.

Jesus forgave Peter three times, but Alejandro Villanueva had to apologize to the Steelers and coach Mike Tomlin three times before they would forgive the

only brave man and only veteran on that team.

As a veteran, I find their behavior self-serving, immature and uniformed.

J.E. Lawn


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