Recently, we needed to replace some of the Stone Bridge lights that weren’t working. Although we have had dry weather, the river channel poses interesting challenges, as does analyzing the causes of the electrical problems.

Completing the job requires renting a hi-lift to reach the lights and a backhoe to help the hi-lift navigate the river channel; purchasing replacement light fixtures, electrical components and cables; and finding a parking area for the hi-lift and backhoe since you cannot leave the equipment in the river channel overnight. 

Finally, you need people to operate the equipment, analyze and correct the problems, and direct the traffic to get into and out of the river channel.

After 3 1/2 days of work to successfully complete the task, we wish to sincerely thank the city of Johnstown and the Cambria County Transit Authority for providing the needed parking areas. We also thank all of the individuals who gave of their time, talents and unceasing energy to accomplish the repair successfully and safely: electrical lighting technician Dustin Greene; hi-lift operators Tyler Yost and Paul Hruska; backhoe operators Jason Edsall, Donny Osborne and Ken Hetz; traffic control and providing equipment and supplies were Phil Solomon, Deb Winterscheidt, Dustin Coval, Molly Leverknight and Keigan Blough-Domonkos; and lights programmer Shelley Johansson. Special thanks to Top Dog Productions, Ace’s, Laurel Management Co. and Johnstown Construction Services for providing several of their employees mentioned above to work on the Stone Bridge Lights Repair Project.

Mike Brosig

Richard Burkert

Co-chairmen of Stone Bridge Lighting Committee

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