Concerning the Aug. 20 reprint of an earlier Philadelphia Inquirer editorial, I disagree. America’s mental illness is liberalism, not guns.

Liberalism thinks with the heart and not with the head. The heart was made to love and not to think. Even in love, the heart is not so smart.

Thus, under liberalism, emotion triumphs over logic and personal experience rules over reason. Survive a mass shooting and voila, before you know it, the liberal media anoints you as an international expert on all things gun-related. 

Parkview teen David Hogg (aka Camera Hogg) was one such example.

Liberalism reasons backward, which is why the El Paso shooter who murdered 22 people is legally presumed innocent and must escape the death penalty and why law-abiding gun buyers are deemed criminals and must be cleared by multiple background checks.

Lastly, liberalism is why all sorts of new feel-good gun laws are being proposed. Liberals pass laws that they never read, and when such laws fail, liberals pass even more laws that they never read.

My suggestion to Congress, Harrisburg, and all the 49 other echo-chambers of liberalism: pass laws requiring the prosecution to always seek the death penalty in all cases of mass shootings – no plea bargaining.

Such laws would deter some would-be mass-shooters and as such, save multiple lives.

No law that anyone could pass, however, would have deterred the recent Dayton shooter who beforehand bragged, “I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.”

Robert Dow


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