Yes, Donald Trump has been defeated by the largest popular vote (79 million) in any presidential election in the history of our democracy. This defeat has hopefully saved our democracy and our lives can return to some semblance of normalcy. Thereby ending the rampant toxic conspiracies that has turned families, friends, races, religious and parties into adversaries.

Conspiracies and distrust in our government is nothing new. When I was a high school student in the late-1950s, conspiracies about government control, interfering in our lives, taking of freedoms, arms ownership, taxation, etc. were plentiful.

With the advent of the internet, social media and cable news programs, individuals and groups were able to make their grievances public to millions without regard to fact. More often it was just an opinion founded in phrases such as, “I hear” or “They said” without facts based in truth or identifying the source.

Our political parties became obsessed with power and control of our legislatures and courts. It became evident that was easier to get our courts to do what the legislative process of passing laws was unable to do. These are but a few of the internal issues that have divided our nation.

Donald Trump, being media-wise, seized on this division and used it to create more division. He openly defied long-standing norms, refuted investigative controls, separation of power, etc.

It’s time all the voters resolve their differences and unite to save our democracy.

Gary Schetrompf


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