Isn’t it amazing that the people who totally believe in abortion on demand for U.S. citizens are in favor of illegitimate immigrants having their babies in the U.S.? 

Totally illogical, isn’t it? But then again, logic was never the strong suit of leftists.

Have you ever seen an ultra-leftist or hard-core atheist happy? Don’t they always seem to be mad that someone, somewhere, is having fun?

Instead of trying to take firearms away from law-abiding people, why don’t the politicians pass laws that make criminals who use firearms during the commission of a crime serve their full sentences without the possibility of parole or pardons?

If Democratic politicians don’t think that having people live in the streets is a problem, why don’t they invite the people to live on their streets?

Isn’t is wonderful to see how most of the self-anointed elites who constantly bleat and cry about climate change and destroying the environment always seem to arrive at their conferences in private jets and are whisked away to the conferences in gas-guzzling limousines?

Isn’t the overwhelming majority of Americans in favor of kneeling for prayer and against kneeling for the national anthem?

Gregory M. Gyauch


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