We citizens should be alarmed at the trend of laws failing to protect basic human rights.

If everyone would pause and reflect and think it through, it would be clear to them that killing a person is wrong no matter what their age. 

Using our human gift of reason, it is obvious that certain people rely on others for their care, most typically those at the earliest and later stages in life.

What does this mean for those of us who are currently (temporarily) self-reliant?

It means we must do all in our power to make sure that vulnerable persons are assisted. People don’t choose to be young, old, physically or mentally impaired. It only makes sense that we who can and should care for each other do so when/if help is needed.

We need to open our hearts to see the truth and admit that each person conceived is equal in the eyes of God, has limitless value and should be treated as such.

Laws are supposed to assure safety for every individual. 

Unwanted, burdensome and inconvenient are sad labels and excuses used for harming our human family members.

I am shocked that people actually supported the New York law permitting abortion up to (including) birth. And I am horrified that many people cheered and celebrated when the law was passed.

Can you believe that a mother in New York may have her full-term baby killed, legally?

Speak up.

Mary Shoemaker


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