The editorial on July 14, “Lands protected by the state ... aren’t” is simply an opinion. What was disturbing was the last paragraph, “Regardless of the legal or constitutional mechanics ...”

Sorry, but the constitutionality of any issue is the only thing that matters. Perhaps the only reason our republic has survived for almost 250 years is the Constitution of the United States.

We are a population of 350 million individuals. Thus, there will be a varying amount of opinions on any one topic, and that’s good. But the final decision must be made on what is stated in the Constitution.

Whether Democrat or Republican, left or right, liberal or conservative, the Constitution must be the deciding factor on any point of view.

Unfortunately today, many politicians and much of the media seen to think that ignoring the Constitution is OK. Well it’s not. The Constitution prevents those from either side of the aisle from interjecting their personal point of view into any issue.

We have seen many countries and dictators come and go over the past 250 years. Yet, the Constitution still stands strong.

For any politician or anyone in the media to suggest that the Constitution should be disregarded is nothing less than anarchy and would have tragic results.

John Skubak


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