I’ve been told by a ranking person in the Joe Biden campaign, which wishes to remain anonymous, that Biden has agreed to run for president with the following caveat.

In the unlikely event he became the nominee, he would choose a female American of African descent as his vice president and resign after taking office so she would become president. He feels that this would atone for all his past anti-American of African descent and racist decisions over his political career.

Prior to resigning, he would allow the socialists that have taken over the Democratic Party to make his lips move to whatever they want him to say.

The Democrats have already taken our freedom and religion while condoning riots, violence and destruction of American cities. The scary part was how easily Americans let them do it. Does anyone else want this to happen to their city?

Democrats will not be happy until everyone is beholden to the government and more importantly to them. Their party has changed from the working man to the government dependent man.

Nonetheless it still amazes me how much the Trump administration has accomplished over his first term, even with the Democrats on his neck. I look forward to his 41 state victory and his second term.

It is painfully obvious why the Democrat symbol is the donkey.

Jim Vasilko

Richland Township

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