Many people write to the Readers’ Forum saying that Donald Trump is not given credit for his accomplishments.

Let’s look at some of his accomplishments:

• Separated hundreds, if not thousands, of children from their parents, held them in detention and then could not reunite them with their parents.

• Abandoned the Kurds (our on-the-ground allies) in Afghanistan.

• Withdrew thousands of troops from Germany against military recommendations.

• Started a trade war with China.

• And when the war adversely affected farmers, paid them off.

• Required Air Force planes flying to the Middle East to stop for refueling in Scotland instead of the U.S. base in Spain and required the air crew to stay over at Trump’s golf club.

• Paid off two women with whom he had an affair and illegally claimed the payment was for legal services.

• Took money allocated for military bases and used it to build a border wall.

• Continued to sue to invalidate Obamacare while he vowed to protect people with pre-existing conditions without a plan to do so.

• Threatened to withdraw the U.S. from NATO.

• Abandoned an agreement with Iran that all authoritative people said was working.

• Abandoned the climate change agreement.

• Fomented unrest by praising right-wing extremists, mischaracterized peaceful protesters and ordered federal agents into places where they were not wanted.

• Lied about __ (fill the blank with any subject he has mentioned).

• Insulted __ (fill the blank with almost anyone).

Jim Wolfe


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