Here we go again. Two more shootings. 

The do-gooders cry “gun control” and “abolish guns altogether.” This is not the solution. One solution: Prosecute the criminals in a quick and orderly manner. 

Build a scaffold behind the courthouse. 

After a speedy trial, hang the perpetrators. This is both efficient and inexpensive. The same rope can be used again. 

Televise the hanging. That should deter others. Do you think?

The do-gooders will cry, “Cruel and unusual punishment.” What about the innocent victims? Didn’t they have feelings, rights, useful lives? How cruel was their experience? 

Would the do-gooders feel the same if they or their loved ones were the victims? 

Maybe that would change their thinking.

The main reason these shooting happen is the lack of respect for life. Religion teaches the sanctity of life. Fewer people go to church these days. It is amazing that when these shootings happen, people turn to God. All too soon, God is forgotten.

People have too much money and too much free time. When people are poor and needy, they are more religious, kinder, more neighborly. Today, people have their heads stuck in the computers or cellphones. They have no time for interaction with other human beings. I wonder about all of this technology. It may destroy this civilization. God bless America. God save America.

Michael Mazur Jr.


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