I grew up in Johnstown and, after living away for almost 20 years, moved back to the area. Each day, I open The Tribune-Democrat to read front-page stories of local people who have committed varying crimes ... all of them sickening.

On Sept. 5, I was heading home from Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, where my husband had had surgery. 

While making a turn off Franklin Street, I was struck in the left rear of my car by another vehicle, which then “ran.” 

Two women who saw the accident stayed to make sure I was all right and supported me throughout the process of reporting what had happened. One woman needed to go and get her daughter from practice, but then returned to talk to the police. Another citizen followed the vehicle that struck me and returned to relate the direction in which it had turned and gone. The Johnstown police officer was also kind and courteous. I am so grateful to all of them.

These are the kind of people who are the backbone of our city and surrounding area, and who have always made me Johnstown proud.

Betty Hazlett


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