Supremacy groups are vying for center stage. 

White supremacist groups – the KKK, Nazis and fascist groups – all violent Democrat satellites.

Black supremacist groups –Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers – advocate violence as a means. Democrat satellites.

Third: The most dangerous of them all – the New World Order, aka globalism. 

This group consists of progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans, as well as socialists, economists, military leaders, politicians and even pathetic spiritual elites.

They have grandiosely propelled this order for the past 120 years with their reprobate and distorted vision. They have sought a personal utopia with world citizens under their control. 

This group consists of blacks and whites.

Some notables included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and George H.W. Bush. Remember his 1,000 points of light speech? 

Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and both New World Order fanatics. George W. Bush and his father belonged to Yale University’s very secretive Skull and Bones. Barack Obama, Columbia University staunchly supported the New World Order.

Most State Department officials and the notorious Council on Foreign Relations – all openly advocate the NWO.

Now you know. Research diligently. 

Seek Godly wisdom. Study Scriptures. 

Eyes wide open and ears attentive.

Dennis Mottin


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