In my opinion the cable companies should be paying us, its customers, to watch many of the programs they present on TV.

Why are the same movies shown over and over and back-to-back. There must be hundreds of movies you have not shown.

Some shows have reached a new low, half of them are not fit to watch, they are trash.

Why are we forced to watch "Two and a Half Men" when Charlie is such a low life. Why make a hero out of someone like him.

Some reality shows are not fit to be on TV. Who cares about these people's crazy lifestyles. Don't push these shows down our throats.

Also, why are old shows such as "The Golden Girls" and others shown back-to-back all day long.

You are also killing us with sports. Keep sports on the sports channels and not on the three main TV channels.

Think about what you people in charge of programming are doing.

Give us programs worth watching.

Shirley Johnston

Carol Hargnett


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