I can’t believe these Republican supporters are still trying to get Donald Trump back in office. The American people voted him out (fired, overridden and booted out the door).

Glad Mike Pence came to his senses and broke loose. 

Why is Donald Trump allowed to run around campaigning when he can’t get in? 

Something needs to be done now and in a hurry before he pulls more antics. Guard the White House and fence it back up. 

No one, even foreign leaders, wants to deal with him.

As for Biden, yes, he is in bad shape theoretically. He is trying to undo the mess Trump made. 

He has gone too far in giving more money away to everything and allowing foreigners to come to America. This is not a safe haven for them. Why don’t they fight for their rights where they live? Enough said. 

This is all true, but give Biden the chance to change these problems.

Karen Layton


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