Several days ago, the community of Portage and the surrounding areas were saddened by the passing of Ed Leyo, a longtime and well-known PIAA football, basketball and volleyball official. He was a former teacher and coach in the Portage Area School District. He was 93 years old and spent more than 50 years officiating these sports, and retired from sports in 2002.

I attended his viewing, and many familiar faces from the past and present were there to pay their well-deserved respects for the experiences he passed on to all of us. Many of us prospered through his guidance and mentoring. He officiated his games with confidence and a friendly but effective demeanor. He was well-liked and respected by players, coaches, co-officials and most fans. He enjoyed a full life with his family, friends and people in general.

In summary, I will always remember him as my friend, and I’m sure he went straight to heaven.

Tom Link


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