I am a Vietnam veteran who is proud to have had the honor of serving under the flag of our nation.

In mid-May, while traveling past St. John Gualbert on Clinton Street, I noticed that the American flag was flying by just the top grommet.

I told a parishioner from there and asked that he tell the church about it so that it could be corrected before Memorial Day. He said that he would and later told me that he had told the pastor about my concern and the pastor said he would bring it to the attention of the church’s maintenance committee.

Memorial Day has come and gone along with Thunder In The Valley and the Fourth of July and guess what, it hasn’t been corrected even though it was mentioned again to the pastor.

If the church cannot have our nation’s flag flying properly they should just take it down as the city did to the Pennsylvania flag in Central Park which also was flying by just one grommet.

Steve Swintosky


Letter was published after flag was replaced

I wrote the letter concerning St. John Gualbert Cathedral’s American flag on July 23 and it was published almost a month later.

I posted a picture of it on Facebook on Aug. 5 and it ended up being corrected soon after the posting.

I sincerely want to apologize to the parishioners of St. John’s for my letter being published so late and after the American flag had been replaced and again is flying proudly.

It was and always will be about flying Old Glory proudly.

Steve Swintosky


Editor’s note: The Tribune-Democrat regrets the late publication of the original letter and any unnecessary embarrassment the church leaders may have experienced as a result of the timing.

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