Donald Trump ran for office on the promise of making America great again.

What we have now is first in deaths, economic collapse and immense suffering. 

From his first year in office he didn’t have the patience to listen to daily intelligence briefings. When his intelligence personnel briefed him on COVID-19 in December, he downplayed and denied the reality. Then he tried to blame China for his failings by saying they didn’t warn us in time. 

Since when did we start relying on communists to tell us the truth to defend our security?

We are the laughingstock of the world right now because of Trump’s incompetence. Many people voted for him in 2016 because they wanted a change. Unfortunately, the experiment didn’t work. Voting for a businessman who had to declare personal bankruptcy six times was obviously a mistake as he has now bankrupted our country. 

We now know he is a fraud and a con man. Trump has had seven months to develop a national testing strategy and lead our country in the right direction until COVID-19 is under control and a vaccine is developed, but he has failed miserably.

Trump’s presidency, which is devoid of integrity, and his mismanagement of the pandemic has not only hurt the U.S. physically, but also economically and morally. 

Experience and character must determine our vote in the election. No more experiments as it was a total flop.

Elizabeth A. Sabo


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