I’m responding to Craig Gaunt’s letter of Aug. 23, “Sin sets us apart from one another,” to reach more people and to spread hope.

In the days after Charlottesville, Virginia, where were the good people? They and racists are mutually exclusive. Patience and malice uncontrolled will bake a hate cake. 

The good people should and must bake a simple fate cake. As many cakes as there are, so are we, the proper, true and righteous members of mankind.

So beautiful is a picture of two hands of different colors embracing. Inside, our hearts, souls and blood are the same.

An egg or two must make a cake.

Hands and hearts of all colors must bind and blend together to bring peace.

Rioting and fighting must be left to those who take on that responsibility – the police, national guard and military.

I will fight only when my egg or the eggs of my family are about to be broken. To help myself, each morning I look inside my mind, heart and soul and ask to live in God’s direction.

Traveling through life, we do not know what will happen each day. We have experienced good and bad, happy and sad, bravery and alarm. We have learned from these emotions. Positive feelings, such as the sun in my face or flowers in Central Park give me a second to say, thank you. 

The solution, because we are sinners, is to bake a fate cake while holding hands.

Ronna Tracy


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