The city, to include the city manager, City Council majority five members and code enforcement department, are complicit in not enforcing ordinances.

Ordinances passed by council list penalties and enforcement action the city is mandated to take. Per the administrative code: All employees of the city shall enforce obedience to ordinances, rules, regulations and provisions of the codified ordinances, and institute proceedings to necessitate enforcement. Shall is defined as mandatory. Anyone who permits violations of codified ordinances shall be likewise guilty of such offense.

A civil penalty (if no penalty is cited) can be charged, of up to $300 for each offense of codified ordinances, with a separate offense deemed committed for each day noncompliance continues.

The vacant property ordinance mandates a $700 revolving maintenance fee to be paid by owners of such. The funds are used to mow lawns, board up and maintain.

The rental property inspection ordinance requires rental properties be inspected, thereby ensuring they are up to code and not a danger to tenants. These ordinances continue to be violated with no enforcement actions occurring.

Having ordinances that aren’t enforced is absurd and explains why many are in violation. We have a duty to abide by and uphold laws. To willfully allow ordinance violations without enacting the cited penalties amounts to complicity.

Proposals submitted by me and Councilman Jack Williams calling for enforcement action of these violations are repeatedly rejected by nay votes of the council majority five.

The solution is simple, enforce the ordinances or repeal them.

Charlene Stanton


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