The gas lighting goes on with the Biden administration’s trillion dollar infrastructure bill, 2,701 pages. Joe Biden is telling us that he hasn’t raised the gas tax. 

What is a mileage fee but a tax?

If approved, every person will pay a mileage fee. This in itself sounds innocent enough until you get your bill. 

In my opinion, the only reason they are considering a mileage bill is so you don’t see $8 a gallon at your local gas station. 

Pennsylvania is also considering this stupid idea. Gas is already over a dollar more than last year. Biden has destroyed our energy independence.

This tax will all be passed on to the consumer, most of which can barely afford gas now. Will they be able to handle a year-end bill? 

People will be forced into public transportation, but that’s what the Green New Deal wants, just like China – ride bikes, trains and buses.

Shipping of everything will result in even more inflation caused by Biden’s printing press. We will be lucky to make

it through the next two years, let alone four.

Remember, freedom doesn’t come with any socialist or Marxist or communist rule. 

Only the elites will have the privileges. 

Please, Joe give us back the America you claim to have experienced as a coal miner and a truck driver when you were a child in Scranton.

Stan Carrier


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