This election in November is going to be the most important one for a long time. It’s going to be one candidate that will let violence and destruction go on in our towns, cities, businesses and homes, and another candidate that will protect all people and towns and cities and also will make the ones who break the laws accountable.

People are saying that Joe Biden doesn’t want to defund the police, but if you want to redirect 60% to 70% of the police budget, to me this is defunding the police department. We don’t want all our cities to be like Minneapolis, where they are desolving the police department altogether and have no plans to protect their citizens.

Now, they want the federal government to give them millions to rebuilt their businesses after they let the rioters burn them down. Remember the occupied zone in Seattle; it was all to be peace and love, but people got shot and killed.

In Portland, violence has been going on for 60 days. Nancy Pelosi says the people can destroy what they want to, so much for law and order.

That’s why we need President Donald Trump. He will protect us all by standing behind and with all the outstanding and brave law enforcement officers in our country.

R.L. Wissinger


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