Many drivers just don’t look when they decide to change lanes. 

Twice recently, when I was in the fast lane, the driver to my right, for whatever reason, decided to move into the fast lane. I was right beside them, and they didn’t even take the time to check the lane to see if all was clear. If it wasn’t for my fast avoidance, either I would have been forced into the median cement barrier, or our cars would have collided.

Most drivers make sure it’s clear before changing lanes, but not all. To say my blood pressure was sky high after both incidents is putting it mildly. I’m normally a peaceful guy, but I was surely tempted to pull the drivers out of their cars and beat some sense into them. Some would call it road rage, but payback is a much better term for it in my opinion.

I believe the addition of fish eye mirrors on the outside mirrors would also help all drivers to stay out of trouble, thus keeping my blood pressure down and avoiding accidents.

Take to the roads, buckle up and be careful when you meet up with these complete idiots.

Terry Shuler

Nanty Glo

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