This is in response to Michael Matijevich’s Readers’ Forum letter Jan. 26, “A change of heart over Democratic Party.”

With regards to the Democratic Party being the party of hate, I remember the Greatest Generation that fought for unions with blood, sweat and dedication.

They rebelled against big businesses’ low wages and no benefits that were denying the working class an equal chance to provide futures for themselves, build homes and retirements.

In 1968, union membership peaked and so did wages.

Since then, union membership has steadily declined and so have wages. Now you want to attribute our current prosperity to President Donald Trump.

Here are a few facts you might find interesting:

• Under Barack Obama: Unemployment in 2009, 10%; in 2017, 4.1%; net, 5.9%.

• GDP in 2009, 5.5%; in 2017, 2.4%; net, 3.1%.

• Jobs created, 6.838 million, an average 221,000 per month.

• Under Trump: Unemployment in 2019, 4.1%; in 2020, 3.5%; net, 0.6%.

• GDP in 2019, 3.5%; 2020, 2.0%; net 1.5%.

• Jobs created, 5.345 million, an average 172,000 per month.

• Current national debt: $23.2 trillion.

• 2009: Obama,  $11.9 trillion; 2016, $19.6 trillion.

• 2017: Trump, $20.2 trillion;  2019, $23.2 trillion.

• $23.2 trillion equals $71,120 per every citizen and $187,630 per every taxpayer.

Obama’s first year in 2008 was the accumulation of debts by George Bush’s wars and unfunded tax relief for the wealthy, and 2017 is the effect of

Trump’s 22% corporate tax cuts.

Trump facts do not measure up to the hype.

Gary L. Schetrompf


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