Saul Alinsky, that’s a name the Democrats know well, after all he wrote the playbook they operate by. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it, cut off the support network and isolate your target. Most of all keep up the pressure and rhetoric.

We have been seeing violent attacks on our police, destruction, looting and arson in our cities (all under the Democrats control for decades). We are witnessing the destruction of our American history.

The more society gives in to the demands of the radicals the more they want, moving the goalposts is just another tactic of the leftists. It’s all about the destruction of our nation as we know it, not racism, not Black lives (if it was they would start in the cities where there is multiple murders daily), because all lives matter.

It’s not social injustice or inequality, make no mistake about it, Joe Biden has said it, it’s about transforming America. Transform to what? America is the greatest nation on earth, the place where everyone comes for a limitless opportunity but they want to change it to a socialist failure.

The leftist radicals and the Democrats are burning mad. Donald Trump has stepped up to stand in the way of 50-plus years of socialist planning for the destruction of our nation. Some writers to this forum would be better suited in a socialist utopia such as Venezuela. Their slogan could be: MAMA (make America miserable again).

Al Thomas

New Florence

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