Joe Biden didn’t pick his vice president, the Democratic Party did. Kamala Harris was picked for a reason. Everyone knows Nancy Pelosi is the head of the Democratic Party. Pelosi is the ventriloquist and Biden is the dummy sitting on her lap.

She will control everything Biden says.

They know that Biden is having problems every time he opens his mouth. If for some reason Biden would win the election, a year or two down the road he would be removed because they would show that he is incompetent of making important decisions. 

Harris is going to portray herself a moderate until Biden is out and she moves up. Then she will show you how far left she is. 

She will push for the new green deal, Medicare for all and open borders. This will destroy our way of life. They want us to become a socialist country, but they will be in for a rude awakening. In a socialist country, there is no Congress or Senate. Whoever is left standing will make all the decisions. Only one man or woman will be in charge with a handful of loyal soldiers. We will become a Third World country.

Other countries, such as China, North Korea and Russia will take whatever they want and leave America in ruins.

I love my way of life with all the freedoms that I have. If I lived in North Korea or China, this letter would never be printed and I would disappear. 

This is why I changed my party and became a Republican. 

God bless America.

Robert C. Hill

East Taylor Township

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