I’m writing this letter on behalf of our former neighbors who reside in Woodmont behind the Westmont High School.

My husband and I built our home there in 1976 and resided there for 42 years before leaving in 2018.

We are disappointed that no one – the media, school board, township boards and tower company – has physically set foot on the site where they want to place the cell tower to see how close this structure will be to residents’ homes.

The location of the cell tower is in the backyard of our former home. The cell tower is 200 feet tall and 75 feet wide at the base. The cell tower will be approximately 100 feet from our former home’s backyard and approximately 150 feet from the back of our former home.

Would you want that literally in your backyard?

Our former neighbors recognize and support the importance of a cell tower for the safety of students and residents.

That is not their issue. The issue is how close this large structure will be to their homes.

Our former neighbors are being portrayed in the media as not supporting progressive change, which is not true. It’s about location.

There are other sites on the school property to place a cell tower without being so close to homes.

Beware homeowners of Westmont Hilltop School District. You never know. A cell tower may show up literally in your backyard.

Mary Ann Rager


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