God tells us, “Judgment is mine says the Lord!” He is talking about the final judgment at death when the soul is either saved or damned. We must make judgments every day when we associate with new people who we have no opinion of, or like or dislike of them.

In November, we will cast our votes on people who are mostly strangers to us, so we must be careful on how we judge them.

I am going to base my vote on the faith or lack of it by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Both claim to belong to established and respected denominations.

Biden is a Roman Catholic and Harris is a Baptist.

Both faiths are pro-life and are against aborting – murdering – unborn children.

Biden and Harris are steadfast in their stance on abortion. Biden has even been denied Holy Communion in South Carolina by a bishop because of his abortion stance.

Both will be supporters of no restrictions on abortion.

Both faiths proclaim that holy matrimony is a church rite between a man and a woman, but Biden and Harris are supporters of gay and lesbian marriages. Man and man and woman and woman cannot be fruitful and multiply. If you cannot be true to the faith you say you believe in, how can you be faithful to the oath you take to serve us?

In God we trust. One nation under God. God bless America.

Father Tony Joseph

Richland Township

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