With whispers, Marxism, clear and present danger and lists on her mind, Paulette Cononie Torchia (March 17, “Dangerous time in our history”) laments the “cancel” culture in one breath and at the same time calls for cancelling the opinion of another on the pages of this newspaper.

She decries the alleged targeting of GOP officials and Trump, but fails to note the very real targeting of Asian Americans in the wake of the former guy’s repeatedly referring to COVID-19 as “China virus.”

Accordingly, the Asian American community has been reeling from high levels of ridicule and violence from coast to coast since Donald Trump’s derisive labeling.

Torchia has nothing to say about the very real threat – actual malice – against our democracy on Jan. 6, as the insurrectionist backers of the former guy stormed the Capitol, rioted and looted the halls and chambers of Congress, going so far as to call for the assassination of the House speaker and the hanging of the vice president.

Trump egged them on.

These traitors were identifiable Republicans, some Nazi, even sympathizers, proudly wearing Trump shirts, waving his banners and the Confederate flag.

A clear and present danger to our Republic was Trump.

Fortunately, more than 81 million voters put an end to four more years. In a free and fair election, the most secure in American history, voters spoke clearly: Trump lost the House, Senate and White House, a feat not accomplished since the stinging defeat of Herbert Hoover in 1932.

Cancel culture at its best.

Chuck Colbert

Cambridge, Massachusetts, formerly of Johnstown

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