National Day of Prayer

Stacy McDonald (left) and Pastor Laura McCombie take part in the opening prayer Thursday, May 2, 2019, during the National Day of Prayer ceremony at the Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg.

Cambria County is on the cutting edge of doing something that few if any other counties in our commonwealth are doing.

Recently, the National Day of Prayer was observed on the front steps of the Cambria County Courthouse. 

Much gratitude to the members of the committee who worked to plan and schedule this significant event. 

Appreciation to those county officials who activity participated in this observance along with some pastors.

And also a special word of appreciation to Sheriff Bob Kolar, whom I asked to stand in for me and do the prayer for the military. 

He graciously agreed to do the prayer. 

I was unable to participate due to my wife and I traveling to Harrisburg to attend the graduation of a grandson from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy after 21 weeks of intense training.

Clayton D. Harriger

Pastor of Gipsy Christian Church

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