Public beware. The other day I was scammed by iTunes for literally $100. I contacted what I thought was the iTunes customer support phone number I found online due to a charge I didn’t recognize on my account.

I trusted the customer service representative I was talking to. He talked me into purchasing a $100 iTunes card and reading the number off to him. I thought my account had been hacked.

The representative informed me that in order to remove the hacker, he would need this newly purchased iTunes card as he didn’t want my credit card number for fear the “hackers might get it.”

I was immediately alerted that I had been scammed when he informed me he needed a second newly purchased iTunes card to remove the second “hacker.”

Needless to say, don’t believe every phone number on the internet is the actual the customer support number that you are searching for. Always first go to the actual website, then look for the customer support phone number.

Lesson learned.

Tisha Phillips


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