The day before Thanksgiving, COVID hit our family and our father was rushed to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. 

The first few days were extremely intense as this 871/2-year-old man fought the virus. The 40 years of laboring in Bethlehem Steel Corp., Johnstown plant took its toll, especially on his lungs.

About now you must be wondering where the good news is, be patient, it is coming. 

We thank Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company who were so prompt and attentive in transporting him to hospital. 

No words can express our gratitude for the compassionate care and daily communication we received from the entire staff on the 10th floor of Ashman, we appreciate your sacrifices and all that you are doing to help the community.

Three weeks after arriving at the hospital, he was transferred to Crichton Rehabilitation Center and once again received amazing care and we were given daily updates on his progress. 

Nearly six weeks after he went into the hospital, this man walked from his driveway into his house greeted by his wife of 67 years.

We kept our faith in Jesus and were blessed with many selfless, hardworking individuals. This is the type of news the media should be focused on. My hope and prayer is that the media would stop selling fear and the politicians would stop taking advantage of crises and give the American people what they really need – hope, truth and good news. The best news remains, God is in control.

Robert Marsh Jr.

Mineral Point

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