I am responding to the column by James Edwards, “Term limits would solve gridlock in D.C.,” Dec. 22.

He chooses to attack our congressmen and question their character and integrity. This type of tone undermines any opportunity for open-mindedness and compromise in our political discourse.

I disagree with Edwards’ position on the issue of term limits for the House of Representatives.

I contend that imposing term limits would rob our nation of talented and effective members of Congress.

The fact is, we, as voters, can impose term limits anytime we vote for a candidate for Congress.

There is a saying, “No one seems to like or approve of Congress, but seems to like their congressman.”

The fact is, most congressmen are reelected for a reason – they are accomplishing positive things for their nation and for their individual districts.

Why eliminate a positive with the idea of disposing of all congressmen after a few terms in office?

The fact that candidates from both parties can earn more than 70% of the vote shows they are obviously serving their districts well. Isn’t it why they were elected in the first place?

Our seniority system serves Congress and our nation well and no term limits should be imposed.

The voters can decide when to impose term limits.

Does anyone remember the late Congressman John Murtha? Most would agree that he served our district well.

Richard J. Holsinger


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