Best of the week

Best of the week

A letter by Dave Rykala of Johnstown, “Good luck to those who play at their schools,” has been selected by the editorial board as the best of those that appeared during the week of March 29-April 3.

His letter was published March 31.

Rykala began writing, “It’s the same old, same old. COVID-19 may have altered the scholastic sports schedules, but couldn’t put a dent in the end result.

“Twelve high school basketball championship games played, nine won by non-public schools, many in blow-out fashion. The only contest won by a public school facing a non-public school was a one point win by the 6A Reading boys over Archbishop Wood. In 5A boys and 4A girls were no-brainers with all four teams coming from non-public schools.”

He continued with, “Considering the large disparity in the ratio of public to non-public schools in the state, doesn’t that seem at least a little bit odd? Guess not, because it happens every year. Complaints are aired, then slowly evaporate over time.

“The bottom line is that hand-picked, all-star teams will come out on top a vast majority of the time. For the naysayers, try to dispute that with a straight face. Public school coaches talk about talent coming in cycles, not going out and reloading for next year. After all, how else can a program be successful year after year without a steady in-flow of prime talent?”

Rykala congratulated the Berlin boys, who he says caught lightning in a bottle en route to a state final, only to be upended by Nativity.

He concluded by “wishing good luck next year to the schools that assemble their teams from the kids who chose to play there. Strive to succeed but know the current system is stacked against you.”

Note: Selection of the letter of the week is based on writing competency and the ability of the writer to get his or her point across. It is not based on whether the editorial board agrees with the writer’s stance.

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