Best of the week

A letter by David Petersen of Johnstown, “Irresponsible choices do not end well,” has been selected by the editorial board as the best of those that appeared during the week of Aug. 11-17.

His letter was published Aug. 12.

Petersen began his letter by saying how sad the brutal murder was of the 32-year-old mother of two.

He states how this is another piece in the never-ending saga of drugs and crime that appear to comprise today’s society.

Petersen writes, “The portrait being

painted of someone turning their life around is askew.”

He asks, “Why was a young mother associating with a 57-year-old male recently released from prison? This certainly was not a good choice when trying to find a better path in life. Hanging out with individuals caught up with drugs and resultant criminal activities will never end well.”

In conclusion, he writes, “Two children without a mother, and a father never mentioned, will now become the taxpayers’ responsibility. All due to irresponsible choices.”

Note: Selection of the letter of the week is based on writing competency and the ability of the writer to get his or her point across. It is not based on whether the editorial board agrees with the writer’s stance.

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