A letter by Don Yokitis, of Nanty Glo, “Adults can instill virtues in students,” was selected by the editorial board as the best of those that appeared during the week of Jan 26-Feb. 1.

His letter was published Jan. 31.

Yokitis wrote that moral maturity is, in part, a gradual unfolding of the virtues of responsibility and respect.

“The two ideals are taught and modeled in the home, at work, in the neighborhood, at church and in school,” he wrote.

For example, he wrote, by completing chores at home, teenagers learn and practice responsibility. Respect is made real by bowing to the authority of employers.

School tasks allow students to carry into practice the two moral tenants.

“For example, a youngster saddled with attention and hyperactive syndrome is advantaged in school by an understanding teacher,” he wrote. “The easily distracted student is permitted to work on assignments in the back of the classroom. The teacher’s efforts are rewarded when the student completes assignments at high level of proficiency.”

He added that direct instruction in the ways of properly respecting others and modeling allows adolescents to grasp and practice the virtue.

“Responsibility and respect can be and are taught and modeled in one’s daily encounters,” he wrote.

“Full acquisition of the two virtues awaits a student’s full maturity. Adults who properly interact with teenagers are responsible for the moral gains achieved by them.”

Note: Selection of the letter of the week is based on writing competency and the ability of the writer to get his or her point across. It is not based on whether the editorial board agrees with the writer’s stance.

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