A letter by Donald Yokitis, of Nanty Glo, “Teachers can assure pupils’ success,” was selected by the editorial board as the best of those that appeared during the week of Sept. 1-7.

His letter was published Sept. 4.

Yokitis’ letter stressed that each and every youngster can be brought into the productive classroom flow.

“Most aberrant behaviors that result in students becoming outsiders find their genesis in psychological, emotional, intellectual and behavioral deficits,” he wrote. “Flow is a dynamic that can restore individuals and lead them back into fellowship and mutual support.”

He explained that teachers point the way by designing a sound curriculum that intends to implement well-designed goals and practices, with the teacher modeling the behaviors he or she intends pupils to display.

“In order to ensure that each child or teenager feels a part of the classroom, adjustments are made to give genuine opportunity for academic, social, physical and spiritual growth,” he wrote.

“The need to purge any and all negative thoughts from each class member cannot be overstated. The teacher rids himself of all life-stifling negativity. Beyond a doubt, the victims of others’ negative thoughts do feel the hurtful input. With heart and mind, the caring and reflective teacher can guarantee, to the extent that is humanly possible, the opportunity for everyone to succeed.”

Note: Selection of the letter of the week is based on writing competency and the ability of the writer to get his or her point across. It is not based on whether the editorial board agrees with the writer’s stance.

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