Westmont Borough officials say they are saving taxpayers money on sewer line inspections without compromising the quality of work the job requires.

That is exactly the types of decisions municipal leaders are elected to make on behalf of residents they represent.

The borough last week voted to enter into an agreement with Upper Yoder Sewage Authority to have that organization’s manager, Terry Reesey, handle inspections for the remainder of the sewer project.

Engineer Ken Mesko, president of Mesko & Associates, had been handling the inspections and doing them well, from all accounts.

The concern was cost, and switching to a public entity will save the borough about $500,000 – with more than half of the 2,500 laterals still to be inspected – council’s finance committee chairman, William Stasko, told reporter Russ O’Reilly at a recent meeting.

All lateral lines – from homes out to the municipal system – must be in compliance by June 30, 2021.

“The borough has the responsibility of making sure we are acting in the best interest of the borough residents,” Council President Don Hall said.

Mesko made a late effort to offer a lower per-line fee, but still came in above Upper Yoder’s price.

Comparing bids and seeking out the lowest price for comparable work is the right move.

Now Upper Yoder must deliver the inspections at the lower cost.

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