Windber train derailment

No injuries were reported in a freight train derailment near downtown Windber on Monday evening, June 24, 2019.

Cleanup work at the site where a train derailed in Windber last week appeared to be near an end Tuesday.

A rail company crew was at the scene using an on-rail vehicle to test and perform work on a new stretch of metal track along the corridor.

Work has been ongoing at the site since the June 24 accident caused more than 10 cars to leave the track and several to tip over, spilling tons of coal behind Windber’s community building. 

Roadways crossed by the track were reopened the day after the accident, but crews spent days picking up coal and removing freight cars from the scene.

Norfolk Southern has been investigating the accident to determine its cause. Company officials did not respond to messages for an update on the investigation’s status Tuesday.

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