Cambria courthouse

The Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg is shown Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017.

EBENSBURG – The Cambria County commissioners voted late Tuesday to set county elected officials’ salaries for the years 2024 through 2027 and to establish the county’s compensation for local tax collectors in 2022.

The elected officials – president commissioner, commissioners, treasurer, controller, recorder of deeds, prothonotary, clerk of courts, sheriff, coroner and register of wills/clerk of the orphans’ court – are each slated to receive a 2% raise each year from 2024 to 2027, according to the resolution approved by the commissioners.

That would fix the salaries:

• for the president commissioner at $75,397.73 in 2024, $76,905.68 in 2025, $78,443.79 in 2026 and $80,012.67 in 2027;

• for each of the other two commissioners at $72,256.10 in 2024, $73,701.22 in 2025, $75,175.24 in 2026 and $76,678.74 in 2027;

• for each of the other officials at $67,543.78 in 2024, $68,894.66 in 2025, $70,272.55 in 2026 and $71,678.00 in 2027.

The register of wills receives an extra $2,000 each year for performing the duties of clerk of the orphans’ court.

The resolution will go into effect after the expiration of the terms of the current holders of those offices, including the commissioners. The county’s next slate of elected officials are scheduled to stand for election in 2023, and would take office in January 2024 and serve through 2027. State law prohibits changing an elected official’s salary during his or her term in office.

A separate resolution approved late Tuesday by the commissioners set the rates of compensation from Cambria County to local tax collectors at $3.157 per parcel handled for the first 2,500 parcels, with a minimum payment of $550.00 per year; $1.391 per parcel for every parcel past the first 2,500; $125 per year for general office expenses; $5.00 per qualified assessment change; and one-third of RAK computer program costs, not to exceed $120 per year.

Also on Tuesday, the commissioners approved the reappointment of Pete Barczak and the appointments of Maddie Bender, Jay Nagle and Joe Recz to the Cambria County Fire Advisory Committee through Dec. 31, 2022, and the reappointments of William Richards and Terry Wyland and the appointment of Beth Edwards to the Cambria County Police Advisory Committee through the same date.

Mark Pesto is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on Twitter at @MarkPesto.

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